Customer testimonials

Sheryl C.

When my car stopped running a few weeks after my father, who did all my car repair, passed away, I didn't know what I was going to do; then my sister told me about Oxford Automotive. It is one of the best things my sister has ever done for me. I have always been very satisfied with the service I have received from James. He is reliable, trustworthy, and accommodating. James' work ethic is based on his desire to live for Christ. No one can ask for more assurance than that; he and his great staff will do their best. My first priority when buying a car is making sure Oxford Automotive will service it. I would not buy a car he didn't service and I would not consider taking a vehicle anywhere else.

Dave L.

I just moved to the Delaware area & met Oxford Auto's owner at church. I took my Honda to them for some work & they communicated through the day about the work being done. They did above and beyond what I had originally asked for without any extra charge. And with the benefit of using one of their cars while mine was being worked on was phenomenal. This the by far the highest quality automotive service that I've ever used. Highly recommend this to anyone!

Gloria M.

Loved it..i travel a lot...and i hadn't received service like this since I've been home! Felt great not being treated like an outsider...which usually includes prices sky high! Loved the price and service! +10 on the rentals!

Angela M.

Looking for a reputable service center???? Look no further. We had used Oxford Auto for several repairs in the past. When we heard some noise coming from the brakes - we of course contacted Oxford Auto. While working to set up a time to drop off my Flex - James recommended sending over one of his rentals to my house and bringing my car back to his shop for service. About an hour after the pick up, I was shocked to receive a call from James saying the brakes were in great condition and neither axle needed repair. My car was then returned to my house, and the Oxford Auto rental picked up. Being a repeat customer - there was no charge for the inspection and delivery service. We will be sending in our Suburban for service next. Our past experiences as well as this last one have all been positive, and we would highly recommend Oxford Auto to anyone looking for a reputable service center!!!

A Google User

First and foremost the texting option is very convenient. This was my first time going to this repair shop but after only one experience they will definitely be my new go-to when it comes to anything concerning my car. I went in for an oil change, dropped off my car and said I would be back in 30-45 minutes. Got back about 40 minutes later and my car took a few more minutes to get done but it was really only like two minutes, however the guy was very nice and still took off a few dollars from my total since they didn't have it done at the exact time they expected. Great customer service, competitive pricing and quality work. This is where you need to go next time you're in the Delaware area and need some work done on your car. I will absolutely be a returning customer.

Marty J.

You just can't get a better place to service your auto. The guys are knowledgeable, honest, and straight shooters. I have had several trips to Oxford over the years and never experienced anything but good friendly service. And the low flat fee to get a PT Cruiser to drive around while the car is being serviced is a treat!

Camp W.

I'm driving a 7 year old Camry that runs better today than at anytime since it was new, and that's thanks to Oxford Automotive. I've heard about and experienced too many horror stories about dealer service. Oxford is not just a country mechanic who can do a few things. They are a sophisticated and modern shop with highly certified technicians. They can do anything a dealer can do and do it better and at a better price than any dealer or franchise shop. Old fashioned American values are still alive at this place!

Larry M.

James and his crew at Oxford Automotive are great! From the very first time I went in they treated both me and my car great. When I first went in for a service, I think it was brakes, they went over the entire car giving me a list of what needed to be fixed and prices. They were very up front about what I probably needed to do and what I could get away without doing since I have a car with 200K miles and want to keep my repair bills to a minimum. I've been really happy with their work, prices, and customer service. I would absolutely and without hesitation recommend these guys for anyone needing service. They are a bit out in the country but they have a small fleet of loaner cars that you can get for a very small fee (less then 1 day car rental at a normal rental place) for the entire time they have your car. Great local business that should absolutely be supported. Take your car to these guys! You will be happy that you did. PS - I am in no way affiliated with this business....I found them on Angie's List.

Jenna D.

This place is absolutely fantastic. Our car decided to break on our way from New York to Ohio, a good seven hours away from home. Being out of our element, we searched for a place with rentals and good service reviews. I'm so glad we found this place. The $24 flat-rate rentals cruisers are a wonderful deal. They completely understood the situation and helped us out in a timely manner. Everyone is ridiculously friendly, it just made us so comforted knowing that our car was in good hands. It was ready a day later, and we were off on the road for 7 hours back to New York with no problems. We were just so thankful to have found an honest, reliable, and friendly auto service when we were out of state and in a time crunch. TL;DR Just go there. It's absolutely fantastic and you will thank me later.

Juliette F.

Really liked the rental cars and it's only $24 to use one for as long as needed. I had a ball joint, fuel pump and new brake lines put in, and so far no problems with those repairs. There's a convenient warranty for all repairs. I was actually given a really fair refund because my A/C was accidentally unhooked but it only took a couple minutes to get it running right again. Simple accident. Prices are affordable. Free estimates given. Owner was very nice and helpful. Thank you!

Tony H.

I have always had excellent care and service at Oxford Automotive. I appreciate knowing they will be honest with me. I highly recommend James and the guys at Oxford.

A Google User

If you are looking for honest, reliable, exceptional service go to Oxford Automotive. The owner, as well as all of the employees, are kind, thorough and won't try to sell you what you don't need. The car rental option was a very welcome surprise. One small flat fee for as long as your own car is being repaired. I was very impressed with the compassion and the level of service I received. Oxford Automotive is my car repair choice for life!!

Lolisa C.

After a year of frustrations in paying over 2, 000 to fix the the Jeep "death wobble", I was able to finally find a place to resolve my issue. The final straw for my truck was when I went to Tuffy's automotive to resolve this issue. They made me replace a part I already replaced and took three days to align my truck. Although my truck was still not aligned, they quoted me with waste in time and money repairs to resolve this issue. So I left that place with a horrible knocking and unsafe to operate truck. Keep in mind my truck was not that bad before I brought it to Tuffy's automotive. So I was done with this truck because no one seems to know how to fix this problem and I was tired of throwing money at the problem. I remembered I had a free oil change at Oxford Automotive from an event. I went there to get an oil change and I explained my situation. They told me they knew a resolution and it would be honest, I did not believe them because this has been an ongoing issue. They test drove my car and was shocked to how bad the Jeep "wobble" was. They told me to take a rental while they tighten a bunch of lose parts. So I came back to pick up my truck and they seemed confident they fixed it. I droved it that night and it drove a lot better but did not resolved the issue. They told me to bring it back and they told me it was a certain part that need to be replaced. I told them I was done fixing this truck to be sure because if I pay and I am still having this issue, I will not be happy. I gave them permission to drive my car on all the raggiest roads in Columbus. So offered me a rental while they fix it and test drive the truck like crazy. They told me it was fixed and you should feel no wobble issues. I picked up my truck and till this day I experienced no wobble issues. I highly recommend this place because they do care about their customers and try everything possible to help resolve issues. They are very experienced in what they do resolving my problem after 2 tries and I will be back for more services.

Oxford Automotive – Mar 21, 2016 –

– Lolisa, Thank you for your kind words. Resolving challenging vehicle problems like the "death wobble" in the Jeep you just brought in that makes being an auto tech really fun and rewarding! Our guys really do care about their customers and will really be encouraged that you are happy with this fix. Thanks for telling your story. We are looking forward to working for you in the future.

Michelle J.

There are not enough words to explain how grateful my family and I are for the guys at Oxford. I have had major issues with my van since Thanksgiving. For 4 very long and stressful months we have been trying to figure out what was wrong. The dodge dealerships could not figure it out and the Dodge/Chrysler corporation told us they had no solutions and they did not recommend that we drive it. We still owe on this van and it's my only way to work and school for my kids. The guys at Oxford took it and fixed it and today is the first completely non stressful drive I have had in months. You have no idea how stressful it is to put your family in a car that you have no choice but to put them in and take off not knowing what will happen. I loved this shop before this issue came up but I know without a doubt that my car will never go anywhere else. Their kindness and honesty during this process did not go unnoticed and we are forever grateful!! Thank you so much!!!!! After 4 very long months, I had my first relaxing drive into work. Today I did not fear getting into or being the cause of a very bad accident. Huge thanks go to all the guys at oxford automotive and James Church for making this possible. If anyone needs anything done to their vehicles we highly recommend taking it there. And ladies, if you are tired of or annoyed by the car places that talk to you like your dumb because you are female....then take it here!!! I promise you won't be disappointed.


Michelle. Thank you for those kind and encouraging words!! The guys were very happy to be able to figure that issue out. We are blessed with some great information resources and a great staff of guys that care about their work and our customers. Praise God they we were able to resolve this issue!