Battery & Alternator Services
Battery & Alternator Services

Car Battery & Alternator Services in Westerville, OH & Beyond

When it is time for your vehicle’s regularly scheduled maintenance services or if you’ve noticed your vehicle has been acting up lately, bring it to one of our three auto repair shops located in Delaware, Powell, and Westerville, OH. If you hear strange noises like grinding or knocking, or if you see fluids leaking beneath your vehicle, come see one of our certified technicians at Oxford Automotive in Ohio. Over the years, our Ohio auto repair shops have been the leading choice for quality battery & alternator services, including repairs and replacements.

Signs of a Bad Alternator

There could be several causes of bad alternators. If you need to jump start your battery frequently, or the new battery you just purchased is not holding a charge, it could be a side-effect of a bad alternator. Some signs of a bad alternator to keep an eye out for include:

  • The alternator warning light turns on
  • Strange noises, like growling or whining noises
  • Unpleasant smells
  • Dim or overly bright lights
  • Regular stalling or difficulty starting
  • Bad belts

The alternator provides electricity to different components in your car, including your air conditioner and dashboard lights. Any additional power created by the alternator is stored for later use in your car’s battery.

Battery & Alternator Services: Repair & Replacements

While the alternator in a car can go bad, it is often misdiagnosed as a bad battery. However, you can save both time and money by getting your vehicle services properly by our experienced and training technicians at Oxford Automotive. Bring your vehicle to one of our four Ohio auto repair shops for top-notch battery & alternator services that you can trust.

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