Drivetrain Repair
Drivetrain Repair

Drivetrain Repair Services in Westerville, OH & Beyond

Automobiles are complex machines, and each component within them serves an important and vital function in making the whole thing work. One such component—which is one of the most crucial to keep running well—is the drivetrain. The drivetrain is responsible for transferring power from a car’s engine to its wheels. As such, drivetrain repair will likely become a necessity at some point in your car-owning journey.

As one of your vehicle’s most complex mechanisms, having it serviced by one of our skilled technicians at Oxford Automotive is your best bet to ensure that it runs as it should. And don’t worry—we offer high-quality drivetrain repair in Delaware, Powell, Westerville, and New Albany, OH, so you’ll always have help nearby when you need it.

What Is The Drivetrain On A Vehicle?

The drivetrain is not a single piece or part of your vehicle. It is actually a group of parts that work in conjunction with the engine to move the wheels and the various other parts of the car to drive it into motion. These drivetrain parts usually include the transmission, differential, driveshaft, axles, CV joints, and wheels.

Seeing as it’s such a complex system, you can already begin to understand how even the slightest issues with this system can throw everything off balance.

What Is The Function Of The Drivetrain?

The function of the drivetrain is to take the power that the engine produces to the driving wheels that use this mechanical power to rotate the axle. The following is a breakdown of how this works:

      • The engine will generate power to power a flywheel

      • That flywheel works with the transmission to control the quantity of energy distributed to other parts of the powertrain

      • The driveshaft rotates to create power for a differential

      • The differential then provides power it received from all the other driveshaft parts, and now your wheels are in motion.

    Signs That Your Car May Need Drivetrain Repair

    As with any car repair, knowing the early signs and symptoms of an oncoming drivetrain problem can not only save you from unnecessary headaches but can help your wallet out quite a bit as well. Plus, being able to accurately describe what problems your vehicle is having will help your mechanic here at Oxford Automotive will help make the whole process smoother.

    Symptoms of Transmission-Specific Issues

    First and foremost, people commonly find that their transmission is the source of their drivetrain troubles. This is because the transmission is an essential mechanism that your vehicle uses every time you hit the road and can start to wear down with heavy usage.

    A few of the most common signs that your transmission—and therefore your drivetrain as a whole—is experiencing issues can include:

        • Difficulties shifting gears or staying in gear

        • Pools of transmission fluid are leaking out underneath the car

        • There is a burning smell while your vehicle is operating

        • The clutch pedal is over- or under-reactive (for manual transmissions)

        • Little to no power even while the engine is running fine

      A failed transmission can prevent your entire car from moving, so if you notice any of the signs above, take them seriously and bring your vehicle to Oxford Automotive before you wind up broken down somewhere.

      General Symptoms of Drivetrain Problems

      As we said, the drivetrain is a series of parts. That means problems can arise at any component within that system (the driveshaft, axles, wheels, etc.). A few general signs of drivetrain problems include:

          • Difficulties turning the wheel or making turns in general

          • Loud clunking, squeaking, or grinding noises from any part of the drivetrain

          • Excessive vibration from under the vehicle when accelerating

        Expert Drivetrain Repair in Ohio

        As you can tell from the information above, if there is drivetrain damage, it can be a serious problem for your vehicle. And those problems with your drivetrain can get worse faster than you might imagine. If your drivetrain fails on the road, it can even put you at serious risk. But, by performing regular drivetrain repair and maintenance, our team can help prevent wear, tear, and damage, thus extending the life of your drivetrain. 

        Don’t turn your back on safety! If you are experiencing problems with any component of your drivetrain, make sure to reach out to Oxford Automotive today and let one of our certified technicians fix your issue in no time—which is sure to save you time and money in the long run.
        So, are you ready to experience what working with a highly-trained and highly-regarded auto shop feels like? Then schedule your appointment today at one of our excellent locations for drivetrain repair in Delaware, Powell, Westerville, and New Albany, OH!