Tire Services
Tire Services

Tire Services & Repairs in Westerville, OH & Beyond

You may have a powerful engine, a smooth suspension system, and a full tank of gas, but without a set of high-quality, well-maintained tires, you won’t get anywhere fast. That’s why our certified technicians here at Oxford Automotive are experts in providing high-quality tire services in Westerville, OH, and our surrounding areas—including wheel alignments, tire installations, tire balancing, tire rotations, and tire inspections. So, let the mechanics at Oxford Automotive help you with your tire services.

Tire Inspection

Your tires should always be inspected on a regular basis for damage, such as punctures, leaks, or other damage that can be caused out on the road by stones, nails, and other sharp objects. Bulges and air bubbles should also be thoroughly looked for, as they can lead to dangerous tire blowouts.

If you are concerned about the condition of your tires, it’s best to have them inspected by one of our technicians here at Oxford Auto. Our tire services in Westerville, OH—and our other three locations—are well-known for their efficiency and efficacy.

Wheel Alignment

Just like how your shoes can wear down over time, so can your tires. Our Wheel alignment service at Oxford Automotive will ensure that you have the most excellent driving experience possible. Wheel alignments will help your vehicle drive smoother, keep your wheel pointed in the right direction, and ultimately, help them last much longer.

Even the most minor wheel alignment issue can result in uneven tire wear and a more unpleasant driving experience. However, it’s smooth sailing ahead once your wheels are correctly aligned. 

Tire Balancing

Like wheel alignment, balancing your tires is essential as it helps increase the basic safety of your vehicle and your comfort while driving, as well as extend the life of your tires. Every time you replace your old tires with new ones, they’ll be rebalanced to your vehicle’s exact specifications. However, tires can often need rebalancing long before they need to be replaced, so it’s always important to keep an active eye on their condition.

Uneven tire wear can start to become visible after 1,000 to 2,000 miles when improperly balanced or aligned. As such, a thorough inspection of your tires should be conducted every 4,000 to 6,000 miles to ensure their utmost safety. With our certified technicians at Oxford Automotive, we can assist you in determining if your tires need to be balanced, rotated, or replaced with our top-notch tire services.

Tire Rotation

Tire rotations ensure that the wear between your tires is as even and consistent as possible. During the tire rotation process, your wheel will be moved from the front of the vehicle to the back, from one side of your car to the other, or a combination of both. This will also help your tires remain safe and effective for much longer.

When they aren’t properly rotated, the weight of your vehicle will likely not be evenly distributed across all four corners. By leaving all four tires just the way they are, the tires will eventually accrue an excessive amount of premature tire wear. This can also lead to unsatisfactory gas efficiency, poor handling performance, and a reduced level of safety when driving. 

So, why not avoid all that easily by bringing your car to our auto shop for tire services in Westerville, OH?

Tire Installation

Eventually, your tires will wear down to the point that no amount of rotations, rebalancing, and realigning will keep them road-safe. When that time comes, you’ll need to find a suitable set of replacement tires. When buying new tires, we recommend that you buy them in sets of four or at least in matching groups of two on each axle. This will ensure that they wear down evenly and are equally equipped to handle whatever conditions you may drive them through.

To find the proper tire size for the year, make, and model of your vehicle, you should check your owner’s manual. However, if you’d like some help with your tire purchases, come to whichever Oxford Automotive location is most convenient for you! We can help you compare tire specifications and prices before you buy to ensure you are getting the best new tires for your needs and budget. Plus, we can have them installed on-site in no time!

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