Wheel Alignment
Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Services in Westerville, OH & Beyond

Ensuring that your car has proper wheel alignment is one of the most important duties you can take on to care for your tires and your vehicle overall. Poorly aligned tires can wear down unevenly at a concerning rate and can even put you at risk of a dangerous tire blowout. Moreover, if you leave this alignment unaddressed and uncorrected, you’ll wind up needing to buy new tires far before you would normally have to! But with routine and timely wheel alignment, you can free yourself of those stressors.

Our certified service team here at Oxford Automotive would like to invite you to one of our auto repair shops for fast and effective wheel alignment in Delaware, Powell, Westerville, and New Albany, OH, that could extend the life of your tires and keep you cruising comfortably for years to come. Plus, with decades of combined experience in the business, you can trust that your car will be taken care of by a team of the best mechanics around.

What Is A Wheel Alignment?

The wheel alignment itself doesn’t actually directly involve the wheels or tires. It consists of adjusting the vehicle’s suspension systems to ensure that it holds the wheels in proper alignment. Your tires’ alignment can be thrown out of balance in a variety of ways. Most commonly, it simply happens over time with the gradual pressure and wear of everyday yage. Your tires can also become misaligned from driving over potholes, hitting curbs, running over road debris, and fender-benders.

Thankfully for you, our fantastic team of mechanics knows precisely how to adjust these sophisticated systems so that your car can return to driving with exceptional precision. In as little as 30 minutes, your wheels can be brought back into ideal alignment, and you can be back out on the road soon after.

How Often Do You Need Wheel Alignment?

If you’ve had any mishaps—such as hitting curbs or potholes, as mentioned above—then you’ll want to get your car’s wheel alignment checked out and adjusted as soon as possible. However, if your vehicle has been driven without incident, it’s recommended that you bring your car to Oxford Automotive for wheel alignment at least once a year. You can also make remembering to do so much easier by simply getting a wheel alignment every other time you get an oil change.

Most automotive experts suggest staying ahead of any alignment issues by getting a tire realignment every 6,000 miles or so—which coincides with the usual timeline for receiving an oil change. However, there are a lot of factors that can shift this timeframe forward or backward. From the type of car you own and the tires it is fitted with to your own personal driving style and the terrain you typically traverse when out for a drive, how often you may need wheel alignment can differ vastly from driver to driver.

As such, you’ll want an expert mechanic like ours here at Oxford Automotive to take a look at your vehicle and find the right timing for your routine wheel alignment in Westerville, OH, and the surrounding areas.

Simple Signs That Your Wheels Need Realignment

So, you can already see just how vital wheel alignment is, and you know a few reasons you may want to get your vehicle’s alignment checked out. But it’s also essential to understand what the physical symptoms of wheel misalignment are so you can catch the alignment issue before it causes you more significant troubles further down the road.

If you think you may need wheel alignments or want to check to give yourself peace of mind, here are a few signs to keep an eye out for:

      • Uneven tire wear between tires

      • Drifting to one side while driving straight

      • Excessive vibration in the steering wheel

      • The steering wheel is crooked when driving straight

      • Excessive vibration throughout the vehicle

    If you notice any of the above issues, there is likely an issue with your vehicle, whether it has to do with the alignment or something else entirely. That means you need to bring your car into Oxford Automotive as soon as possible to ensure the safety of both yourself and your vehicle.

    Even if you don’t notice any of these signs, you’ll still want to consider receiving a wheel alignment if it is a part of your warranty agreement. So bring your vehicle to one of our auto repair centers in Ohio for a top-notch wheel alignment!

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